Public Sector

Public sector employers are governed more by State based legislation, but the principles are generally the same to those in the Federal workplace relations system.

Our Employment Lawyers are well versed in the legislation that applies to public sector organisations and can assist with all employment law matters arising for public sector employers.

We act for numerous local government organisations throughout Queensland assisting them with general employment law advice, as well as conducting workplace investigations and advising on complex executive level matters.

We are easily accessible to any Queensland Government body or department due to being on the following panels:

  • Whole of Queensland Government Legal Services panel for Workplace and Industrial
  • Queensland Local Buy Panel for the provision of Legal Services
  • Queensland Local Buy panel for Human Resources and Employee Services

Contact one of our experienced Employment Lawyers who will be happy to assist you with matters relevant to the end of employment, including but not limited to:

  • serious misconduct
  • termination of employment
  • unfair dismissal and general protection claims
  • breach of contract of employment
  • settlement agreements
  • restraint of trade issues

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