Policies and Procedures

Workplace policies benefit both employers and employees when implemented and administered effectively. Policies allow you to establish guidelines for the management of your workplace.

One of the more significant benefits of workplace policies is that they assist employers in discharging their legislative obligations concerning such things as workplace health and safety; workplace bullying; discrimination and sexual harassment. They set out an employer’s expectation on how employees are to conduct themselves at work and the ramifications if they fail to conduct themselves in that way; as well as the process to be taken where an employee feels aggrieved by the conduct of another employee at work, including their manager.

Common mistakes we see Employer’s make with policies include:

  • Having policies that are old and no longer legally compliant.
  • Not ensuring all employees are aware of the policies and are given training to confirm they understand them.
  • Not following the procedure provided in the policies.

How can we help you?

Get in touch with one of our Employment Lawyers to discuss what policies your business would benefit from.

Aitken Legal drafts all types of workplace policies, including:

  • Code of Conduct;
  • Workplace Health and Safety Policy; 
  • Discrimination and Harassment Policy;
  • Workplace Bullying Policy; 
  • Computer, Email and Internet Policy;
  • Social Media Policy; 
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy; 
  • General Leave Policy;
  • Parental Leave Policy 
  • Workplace Rehabilitation Policy; 
  • Redeployment and Redundancy Policy; 
  • Smoking Policy; 
  • Dispute Resolution; and Grievance Procedure;
  • Whistleblower Policy;
  • Motor Vehicle Policy;
  • Working from Home Policy;
  • Fitness for Work Policy;
  • Performance Management and Disciplinary Procedures; and
  • Any other policy relevant to your business needs

As well as drafting individual policies, Aitken Legal’s lawyers can prepare a comprehensive Employee Handbook specific to your workplace that includes some or all of the policies listed above.

We also review existing workplace policies, codes of conduct or employee handbooks to ensure legal compliance.

It is very important that employees are provided with training and refresher training in relation to workplace policies. The provision of this training becomes very important where an employer wants to rely upon a particular policy when disciplining or terminating an employee’s employment. Our lawyers can provide that training to your employees for you.

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