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As Employment Law Specialists for Employers, we have developed numerous training sessions to help Employers meet their obligations.  These may be for management to understand their obligations with performance management, employee entitlements, termination of employment, or they could be to train all staff in relation to workplace bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment.

Where there is an industry focus, we are able to tailor a training session to incorporate any industry specific legislation and cases.

Employment law continuously changes, and employers must keep informed and ensure their management team is also informed.

By hosting a series of Employment Law seminars, you are helping your management team to meet workplace obligations and minimise legal risk to the business, as well as to them personally.

It is also very important that employees are provided with training and refresher training in relation to workplace policies. The provision of this training becomes very important where an employer wants to rely upon a particular policy when disciplining or terminating an employee’s employment. Our lawyers can provide that training to your employees for you.

We also work with business that refer clients to us. If you are one of our referrer, or a potential referrer, by hosting a series of Employment Law seminars you are providing additional value to your clients at no additional cost to them.

How can we help you?

Below gives you an indication of the type of training we do. We can tailor the training to your specific requirements.

  • Understanding Employee Entitlements and why you need Employment Contracts
  • Sham Contracting – is your business at risk?
  • Managing your team – dealing with underperformers and complaints
  • Discrimination, Harassment and Workplace Bullying
  • Employees use of Social Media
  • Dealing with absenteeism and long term injured/ill employees
  • Legal risks in terminating employment
  • Casual conversion – are your casual employees really casual?
  • Adverse Action
  • Work Health and Safety Legislation for Queensland employers
  • Leadership when managing employees

We also have a training series called ‘Walking through the Employment Minefield’ which focuses on the basics of employment law in 7 key areas and what managers need to be aware of.

If you are an employer or a referrer, give us a call to talk about your training needs and for further details about the training we can provide.

Seminars and Webinars

Aitken Legal holds regular seminars in our offices on the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast which cover topical and sometimes complex employment issues.   These seminars are provided at no cost.

In current times with social distancing restrictions, we have introduced webinars to replace the seminars in our office. At this stage, these will continue to be provided.

Workplace Forum

Aitken Legal hosts a Workplace Forum approximately every two years. This is a full day conference on employment law and human resources topics where we engage external speakers to make presentations.

The speakers include Federal Circuit Court and Federal Court Judges; Deputy Presidents and Commissioners of the Fair Work Commission; the Fair Work Ombudsman; Barristers; Psychologists and more.

The next Workplace Forum will be in 2021.

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