We understand that it is a tough time for most businesses and difficult decisions need to be made. The issues that COVID-19 and the Government restrictions bring to the employment relationship are complex legal issues.  Therefore, we encourage you to be considered in your approach; review all available information and take legal advice before acting, so as to minimise your risks.  It is vital that you act in the best interests of your business whilst doing the best to look after your employees.

All workplaces should be ensuring that:

  • they are up-to-date with what is occurring with information released from the co-ordinated Department of Health response;
  • they have a COVID-19 Health Officer who coordinates all information for the workplace and who makes that information available for employees;
  • the employers update their employees about the virus and its impacts (if any) on the workplace;
  • it ensures that those employees that have returned from overseas self-isolate;
  • they ensure that all employees who are sick do not attend the workplace;
  • if there are impacts upon the workplace, that employees are advised in a timely way of those impacts.

Some of the key issues Employers need to consider include:

  • Stand down provisions
  • Redundancy
  • JobKeeper Scheme
  • Temporary changes to most Awards
  • Working from home
  • Workplace Health & Safety
  • Annual and long service leave entitlements

The above key issues are covered in more detail on our key issues page here and in our recent alerts here

WEBINAR – Roadmap back to work – What Employer’s need to know

Every business has been affected by COVID-19 in some way. While some businesses have remained operational throughout the crisis, others are only now gradually returning or planning to return to work. Whatever the case, all employers need to be aware of their rights and obligations to ensure their business is COVIDSafe moving forward.

In one of Aitken Legal’s webinars, Hamish Procter, one of our experienced employment lawyers breaks down some of the important issues surrounding businesses and their employees returning to work. Hamish also provides some insight into the temporary changes to employment laws to deal with COVID-19 and the transition back.  For a copy of this webinar, please complete our contact form here and request a copy of the webinar be sent to you.  

ALERTS in relation to COVID-19

With our frequently changing environment, we will regularly update and alert Employers as information becomes available. Below is our most recent Alert.  You can find our previous alerts here, noting that some of the information may no longer be current given how quickly the situation is changing.  To sign up, click here

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