In my capacity as Director, Human Resources at the University of the Sunshine Coast it has been my pleasure to have had the opportunity to have engaged Ms Lisa Aitken on a number of matters requiring her expertise in employment law. It is my experience that Ms Aitken possesses the capacity and ability to operate at the highest level, at least equal to any experience I have had dealing with large multinational law firms in Brisbane and Melbourne.

From the inception of her business Ms Aitken has had a clear strategy to provide her advice and expertise to employers only. From a business perspective this has been huge success, and as an employer I prefer to deal with an organisation that has a clear business plan and knows their target market.

I am also aware of the extensive community work Ms Aitken is involved in, as well as her own family commitments. It appears that Ms Aitken maintains a happy balance between all these activities, which speaks volumes for her capacity and her commitment to her work, her family and her community.

On each occasion I have been approached by a Sunshine Coast business owner who is seeking advice and expertise on employment law I have gladly put Ms Aitken’s name forward and will continue do so in the future.

Mark Nugent
Human Resource Director

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