In March 2010, I decided to call Aitken Legal to discuss employment agreements and what I needed to do to make sure I would be doing the right thing by my employees, and for my business.

At the time I was going through an unfair dismissal case by a couple who had managed my business. As I believed that there were no grounds for concern due to the fact that they had been dismissed due to serious misconduct, I didn’t think that I would need to use a solicitor. I briefly spoke to Lisa regarding the unfair dismissal, but still believed that this would not be a problem.

I was VERY wrong.

After 1 year of litigation and a lot of stress, I hope I never go through such a case again. In fact I know I won’t, as I will always seek legal advise before I make any decision that may cause an impact on the business and me personally.

Lisa Aitken, has proven her professional integrity by not only being very direct and honest, but also showing absolute commitment and diligence, towards our case.

Early one morning before I went to work @ 6.30am, I needed to reply to an email Lisa had sent to me; within a couple of minutes of my email being sent, Lisa replied, She was also up working on our case.

Lisa was there every step of the way. I thank her sincerely for that.

I highly recommend anyone who has a small to medium business, should at least invest some time and money in making sure that they understand and comply to all workplace relations.

Aitken Legal will always be my first port of call when I need advice.

Margo Grant

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