We have had the pleasure of having been associated with Lisa Aitken from “Aitken Legal” for the past 5 years.

Back in the early days of 2006 the safety on one of our large coastal work sites was compromised and a serious accident occurred. It was a sad day in the history of our company with two of our subcontractors being seriously injured at the time. We needed the assistance of someone to help guide us through the web of legal issues that were to follow in the handling of this matter as well as offering the support and direction we needed in coming to terms with what had occurred.

We chose to work with Lisa and her company on this matter. She was recommended to us through a mutual acquaintance based on the fact that she has an enormous amount of experience and expertise in the field of “Workplace Health and Safety” as well as a great knowledge and understanding of the law in general. Lisa gave us excellent service and advice right from the start ….. and the rest as they say is history.

Now years down the track the incident is behind us, with all legal obligations attended to (thanks to Lisa and her company Aitken Legal) and our two injured workers having recovered and back with their families and friends. Handling all of this would not have been possible without the assistance and guidance that Lisa provided.

Over the past three years we have joined Lisa in her fundraising efforts with support for her “Give Me Five for Kids” golf charity day challenge. It is not a day that occurs easily without a lot of forward planning and preparation. In the past three years I have been in awe of Lisa’s energy and skill in running such an event as competently and efficiently as she does. Its an absolute credit to her and I wish her well in her future money raising charity endeavours.

Lisa is a lady of excellent character and integrity and is always very conscious of conducting her business affairs in as honest and straight forward a way as possible. She has a great understanding of human nature and people in general and has a tremendous capacity for handling trying situations with sensitivity and flair.

People like Lisa are a very important part of any community and with her abilities and attitude we should consider ourselves very lucky indeed to have her here as part of our family of Sunshine Coast business people.

Peter Flaskas and Darryl Argo
Directors - Accord Homes (QLD) Pty Ltd

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