Workplace Health & Safety



Aitken Legal can assist Employers with many aspects of workplace health and safety - including:

  • The obligations of employers, employees, directors, managers, contractors and others under the workplace health and safety legislation; 
  • preparing policies and procedures or reviewing existing ones; 
  • providing workplace health and safety training to employees, this can be general or tailored to meet a specific workplace; 
  • conducting investigations into accidents or dangerous occurrences in the workplace; 
  • advising in relation to workplace health and safety obligations where an employee is working from home; 
  • advising in relation to how to deal with notices issued under Workplace Health and Safety Legislation; and 
  • If an Employer is prosecuted by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, Aitken Legal can represent the Employer in the proceedings including advising on how the Employer should plead with regard to the alleged offence; entering the plea; defending the prosecution and/or entering a ‘guilty’ plea and making a plea to mitigate the penalty.

In some circumstances, Aitken Legal may recommend the Employer make an Application for an Enforceable Undertaking seeking to avoid a conviction being recorded. Aitken Legal can represent the Employer through this process.

Aitken Legal can advise Employers on preventative measures to take to avoid workplace safety incidents, as well as the best way to handle incidents if and when they occur. We can assist with responding to a workplace safety incident; provide advice on conducting an internal investigation and how to deal with the inspection and investigation conducted by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland. We can also represent employees, managers and directors when interviewed by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland.


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