Aitken Legal can develop and present training sessions to be delivered to Employers, their directors, mangers and employees. These sessions can be tailored to the specific needs of the Employer’s workplace and can be delivered in combination with the development and preparation of internal policies and procedures to ensure compliance and to improve workplace performance.

Aitken Legal can also provide general training on:

  • Workplace health and safety – providing an understanding of the obligations of employers, employers, managers and directors; managing an accident in the workplace; or specific safety legislation related to an industry/business; 
  • Discrimination and harassment – providing an understanding of what is discrimination, harassment and workplace bullying; informing employees that conduct of this kind is unacceptable; providing a procedure on how to manage a complaint; and ensuring employers and employees are aware of their obligations and the ramifications for engaging in conduct of this kind, including disciplinary measures; 
  • Understanding employee entitlements; 
  • The legal risks with termination of employment;
  • Managing health and safety risks with contractors; 
  • Bullying in the workplace - what are the legal risks; 
  • How to conduct a workplace investigation;
  • Managing poor performance and misconduct;
  • Understanding the difference between an employee and a contractor;
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