Policies and Employee Handbooks



Aitken Legal can provide Employers with workplace policies covering:

  • Workplace Health and Safety; 
  • Discrimination, Harassment and Workplace Bullying; 
  • Computer, Email, Internet and Social Media Use; 
  • Drugs and Alcohol; 
  • Parental Leave; 
  • Workplace Rehabilitation; 
  • Redeployment and Redundancy; 
  • Smoking; 
  • Dispute Resolution; and
  • Grievance Procedure

We can also review existing policies and recommend amendments to them if necessary. In addition, we can provide training to employees in relation to the company’s policies which is vital if an Employer wishes to rely upon a particular policy when disciplining or terminating an employee.

In addition to individual policies, Aitken Legal can prepare an Employee Handbook or Code of Conduct specific to the workplace. Aitken Legal can also review an existing Employee Handbook or Code of Conduct to ensure legal compliance.


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