Employment Law

The relationship between an Employer and its employees is complex and the management of that relationship is integral to the success of the Employer’s business.

Employees are human resources that undertake specific duties to create a productive workplace. When working well as a team in a safe, healthy environment employees can be very efficient. But unfortunately, not all employees are suitable for the role they were employed in; some are poor performers and others may engage in conduct that is unacceptable. Managing these more difficult employees properly is vital to maintaining the balance in the workplace.

Employment Law covers a very broad spectrum of issues and laws to address those issues. From recruitment through to contracts of employment, employee entitlements, performance management, termination of employment, unfair dismissals, discrimination, workplace health and safety, redundancies and much more.

The laws governing employment matters are generally found in legislation, regulations and case law. Sitting alongside these are awards, contracts of employment, policies and procedures – and in some workplaces, enterprise agreements, all of which help to determine an employee’s entitlements and an Employer’s obligations.

Due to the complexities with interpreting the legislation and industrial instruments governing employee rights and entitlements, Employment Law has become a very specialised area of the law. The team of Lawyers at Aitken Legal appreciate this and devote their entire practice to employment and workplace relations law ensuring we can always provide our clients with accurate and up to date advice.

There are no other firms on the Sunshine Coast or the Gold Coast dedicated in this way and therefore, this specialised.


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