Discrimination, Harassment and Workplace Bullying

Aitken Legal can assist Employers with discrimination, harassment and workplace bullying issues in their workplace. This may include:

  • preparing policies stating that discrimination, harassment and workplace bullying in the workplace will not be tolerated;
  • Preparing procedures on how the Employer will deal with a discrimination, harassment or a bullying complaint;
  • advising on how to manage a complaint of discrimination, harassment or bullying;
  • investigating a complaint in the workplace and preparing a report on the outcome, or advising on how to investigate the complaint;
  • advising on how to manage an employee who is believed to have discriminated, harassed or bullied another employee in the workplace - including counselling them or terminating their employment;
  • providing training to employees, managers and directors on what discrimination, harassment and workplace bullying is and that it is not acceptable in the workplace - this would include training in relation to the company's own policies and procedures and informing them of the ramifications for this conduct;
  • advising in relation to a formal complaint filed with the Anti-Discrimination Tribunal, Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal, Federal Court, Federal Magistrates Court or the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Tribunal ('Tribunal');
  • defending a complaint filed in the Tribunal, including preparing a formal Response, representing the Employer at the conciliation conference, preparing evidence and defending the complaint at the hearing; and
  • negotiating a settlement of a formal complaint in circumstances where this is warranted, including preparing a Deed of Settlement and Release.


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