Contracts and Enterprise Agreements



Aitken Legal can assist Employers with all forms of contracts of employment, consultancy agreements, independent contractor agreements or enterprise agreements, including:

  • Pro forma contracts of employment tailored to the business; 
  • Contracts for various categories of employees eg. full-time, part-time and casual; 
  • Contracts for employees employed on maximum or fixed terms; 
  • Contracts for all levels of employees - award employees through to high income earners and Executives; 
  • Consultancy and Independent Contractor Agreements; and 
  • Enterprise Agreements tailored for the workplace.

Protecting employer interests can include protection of Confidential Information, Intellectual Property and the business itself through restraint of trade provisions.

Aitken Legal can review existing or draft contracts of employment, enterprise agreements or independent contractor agreements and ensure compliance with relevant legislation and protecting the Employer’s interests.


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