ALERTS in relation to COVID-19

With our frequently changing environment, we will regularly update and alert Employers as information becomes available.  Please note that some of the information may no longer be current given how quickly the situation is changing. To sign up, click here

ALERT #10 - 9 April 2020: JobKeeper legislation passed – what we know today.

The Jobkeeper legislation has passed through both houses of the Federal Parliament, and we have our first non-speculative insight into what employers are able to do, and what they are required to do, if they are eligible employers for the purposes of the JobKeeper payment. 

ALERT #9 - 9 April 2020: Fair Work Commission initiates additional COVID-19 provisions to 99 modern awards

The Fair Work Commission has varied 99 modern awards by inserting a new Schedule – ‘Schedule X: Additional measures during the COVID-19 pandemic’.  Schedule X provides an entitlement to unpaid pandemic leave and the ability to take twice the amount of annual leave at half pay (additional measures during the COVID-19 crisis).  These provisions are operative from 8 April 2020 until 30 June 2020 (and may be extended upon application).  Employers are encouraged to assess whether awards relevant to their workplace contain these new workplace rights.

ALERT #8 - 6 April 2020: Critical week for Employers regarding the JobKeeper Subsidy Scheme

This week will  provide more certainty to employers on the JobKeeper subsidy scheme.  At this time, the legislation is not known and by the time you read this, drafts of the legislation will be with the Government, the Opposition, the Cross-benchers and other interested groups like Employer representative bodies and the ACTU. 

Federal Parliament is sitting on Wednesday to pass the legislation.

This Alert looks at some of the issues we hope will become clearer once we know what has passed through the Federal Parliament.  Once the legislation is passed we will update you on what you need to know. 

ALERT #7 - 3 April 2020: Temporary changes to Awards to provide flexibility for employers during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Fair Work Commission has inserted temporary COVID-19 schedules into 3 Awards to provide some flexibility for employers in response to the significant impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on businesses.

Temporary schedules have been added to the:

The Fair Work Commission has called for Submissions on variations to 103 other Awards, with Submissions closing on 6 April 2020.  We will keep employers updated with any consequential changes.

LERT #6 - 2 April 2020:  Update to JobKeeper Payment information

The Federal Government has clarified some key issues relating to the JobKeeper subsidy program

At the time of this Alert, the legislation governing this program is currently being finalised and will come before Federal parliament in the week of 6 April 2020.  The information provided in this Alert is general in nature and based on the information which is currently available.  All Employers should exercise caution in relation to making decisions around the JobKeeper Scheme until the legislation is passed through Parliament.

ALERT #5 - 31 March 2020: Initial information on the ‘Jobkeeper’ Wage Subsidy

In this Alert we look at the JobKeeper wage subsidy the Federal Government has announced to support both employees, and the businesses that employ them, due to the impact of the Coronavirus crisis.

At the time of this Alert, the legislation governing the JobKeeper wage subsidy has not been passed through Parliament and therefore, the information provided is general in nature and taken from what is known at present. 

ALERT #4 - 30 March 2020: Accrual of entitlements and payment of public holidays during stand down

In this Alert we confirm a couple of now generally accepted positions on common questions that some employers are asking in relation to accrual of paid leave entitlements, access to leave and payment of public holidays during stand down.

ALERT #3 - 25 March 2020:  COVID-19: The latest Government restrictions, Award changes and clarification of Queensland’s border controls

In this Alert we look at the latest Government announcements, changes to the Hospitality Award and Queensland’s new border controls.

ALERT #2 – 24 March 2020: Employers and employees must work together to minimise the affects of covid-19 on businesses and the community

This alert covers the latest key information employers need to consider in relation to workplace obligations, including stand down provisions, working from home, workplace health and safety and entitlements.

ALERT #1 – 16 March 2020: Employers and COVID-19

This alert looks at the current health advice in relation to the COVID-19 as well as some of the actions employers should be considering now in order to help curb this pandemic. 

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